Rock City Centre Holdings (RCCH) is a collective providing management and operational services to an array of companies and non-profit organizations having affiliation with the Babinec Family Trust.

Established track record of helping entrepreneurs


Headquartered in the newly constructed and technologically advanced Rock City Centre, RCCH leadership has an established track record of helping entrepreneurs grow successful companies, philanthropy driving social change to build strong families and communities, and active engagement in public policy and political reform.

Each of the companies and organizations listed below receive some level of support from RCCH. Several of these entities have all their team members receiving employer services through RCCH, with the consolidated group having a rich selection of benefits and services not normally found in smaller organizations. 

More importantly, our affiliated organizations share some common values in how we operate while serving our customers, each other, and the broader communities we support. 

These values include our being:

Empathetic in understanding and respecting points of views different from our own

Passionate in our commitment to goals larger than ourselves, while showing by our actions that by giving first we can make the biggest difference

Self motivated to seek out creative solutions and forge new paths that yield positive change

Individuals that stand together as a team to get things done by collaborating across boundaries

Range of Opportunity Larger Than A Single Organization

The biggest advantage of this affiliated group of companies and organizations sharing a common platform and values is that each team member has pathways for visibility to various initiatives going on inside RCCH. These include pathways crossing over organizational boundaries allowing individuals to gain new exposures and pursue opportunities of interest – sometimes while still being primary in their initial hiring organization, and over time, possibly switching to a different RCCH organization for a role they may wish to advance to. 

RCCH has the goal of bringing aboard team members who identify with and want to contribute to growing this affiliated organization structure. Not only to empower the individual to pursue their own interests, but also strengthening the collective with like-minded others who share this vision.

Working together, our growing organizations fill a range of high-impact missions that touch many lives and communities. Join us!

Opportunity for Colleges

Upstate Venture Connect is organizing a virtual career fair on April 30th, 2021 to connect Upstate Colleges with emerging fast-growing companies.

These companies are creating the majority of new jobs. They have a need for college-educated talent, but lack the brand visibility of publicly traded entities and have limited resources for individual engagement with multiple campuses.

The April 30th Career Fair will present fresh opportunities to Upstate college students. These employers are the future drivers of our regional economy, offering positions with higher than average pay and faster advancement potential–exactly the type of employers too many graduates leave Upstate for!

Upstate NY Virtual College Career Fair (PDF Flyer)

Our Companies

Rebuilding Upstate New York by connecting entrepreneurs to the people and resources who can help them build high-growth companies. Not-for-profit 501(c)(3).
A community-focused development company with local hospitality and real estate businesses, residential housing, construction, and property management services.
Putting principles to work from Amazon’s best-selling book: More Good Jobs: An Entrepreneur’s Action Plan To Create Change In Your Community, this online resource helps builders and supporters of innovation economies everywhere.
We identify, curate, and connect emerging entrepreneurs in impoverished areas with the resources they need to succeed. Not-for-profit 501(c)(3).
Putting People Over Party, Unite NY is a movement of Democrats, Republicans, and independents working together to foster a more representative and functional government. Not-for-profit 501(c)(4).
Investors in early-stage technology companies, primarily in Upstate NY but also NY metro, Silicon Valley, and other locations where our relationships extend to help entrepreneurs start and grow innovation-based companies.
We uplift people and communities to help them achieve their full potential. Not-for-profit 501(c)(3).
Operates the Rock City Centre facility to include customer service, event management, technology, and support of Rock City Centre Holdings.


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Working together, our growing organizations fill a range of high-impact missions that touch many lives and communities. Join us!